Watch a totally weird 1966 Czech animated version of The Hobbit

Suffering Tolkien withdrawal because it's still almost a year before Peter Jackson's The Hobbit gets released next holiday season? Then trip out on this bizarre, 12-minute rendition of the classic by Prague-based animator Gene Deitch.

Deitch, who worked on a series of Popeye shorts and controversial, on-the-cheap Tom and Jerry cartoons back in 1961, collaborated with local illustrator Adolf Born to produce this highly condensed, minimalist version of The Hobbit that was shelved upon completion.

You'll immediately notice the abandoning of many key elements of the story and a liberal dose of head-scratching alterations. Trolls have been renamed "Groans," a princess is inexplicably plopped into the sparse plot, and Smaug the dragon is now called "Slag the Terrible."

Crazy stuff, even for the '60s. Hold your breath and have a look.

Okay, are you temporarily satiated? Only 11 more months until The Hobbit!

(via Comic Book Movie)

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