Surprisingly awesome Lion King/Dark Knight Rises trailer mashup

Seems like everyone is bustin' out their best Batman these days—even the King of the Jungle.

Check out this new ani-mashup trailer using dialogue tracks from The Dark Knight Rises teaser synched to visuals plucked from Disney's The Lion King. The wild parody was created by YouTube mixmaster Brad Hansen (AKA moviemaestroten) and is guaranteed to induce a mighty roar.

Christopher Nolan's third and final Batman epic doesn't swoop into cinemas until this summer, but the feverish anticipation is spreading like an African brushfire. This snarlingly good trailer, entitled The Lion King Rises, features Simba as the Dark Knight, Scar as Bane, Nala as a purring Catwoman and Zazu in the role of Alfred.

Two great tastes that taste great together. Who knew?

(via Geek Tyrant)

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