10 grim new Being Human S4 pics raise the UK vamp-fighting stakes

The fourth-season premiere of the BBC's hit horror drama series Being Human is coming up real soon, which, as you may guess, makes us happy as clams. But since the BBC loves its fans to be REALLY happy, it's also released a couple of awesomely dark and broody new HD pics for us.

With Mitchell (Aidan Turner) and Nina (Sinead Keenan) gone from their lives, Annie (Lenora Chrichlow) and a paranoid George (Russell Tovey) are grimly preparing to face off against the new bloodsucking authority in town in order to protect George and Nina's baby. How will they manage to fend them off? We have a feeling a whole lotta mirrors and a couple of not-so-well-sharpened stakes are part of George's ... plan.

Thankfully, the remaining vamp-fighting dynamic duo will also be joined by Tom, the young werewolf introduced back in season three and played by Michael Socha, and by Damien Molony as their new own personnal ''upper-class'' live-in vampire Hal.

Being Human season four starts on Feb. 5, 2012, on BBC Three in the U.K. and on Feb. 25, 2012, on BBC America.

We're pretty excited about the new season coming up, and we'll be watching. Will you?

(via Simply TV)

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