POLL: So does Alcatraz have what it takes to be the next Lost?

With nearly 10 million people tuning in last night, Fox's Alcatraz got off to a good start with its two-episode premiere. The reviews are in, and overall they are good to mixed.

Some called Alcatraz great "escapist entertainment," "creepy," "weird" and yet "fun." Other viewers weren't so sold on another question-filled ride by J.J. Abrams, which is "burdened with flashbacks," "generic" and that lacks humor while featuring a "thug of the week."

Comparisons to Abrams' Lost abounded, from praising the new series for having "much to feast on" to pouncing on it for dividing its time between the past and the present.

But how do YOU feel about Alcatraz? Could it be the next Lost? And do you want it to be?

Weigh in with your thoughts on last night's two-hour season premiere. (And beware! There might be some *spoilers* below!)

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