Did Fassbender just say Magneto and Xavier will be allies next time?

We're quite a way from the sequel to X-Men: First Class being a reality—most of the actors are contractually obligated to return, but director Matthew Vaughn has yet to sign on the dotted line—but that hasn't stopped one of its stars from revealing a little bit about the X-Men's great love story.

It may be brotherly love, but it totally qualifies. The Charles Xavier-Erik Lensherr relationship is the defining one in the X-Men universe, and their schism has long-range consequences on humans and mutants alike. And the nature of their bond, says Fassbender, will continue to evolve for the coming film:

"You know what's interesting about Magneto and Professor X from the comic books as well ... is there's such a complexity to their relationship. It's not just like clear-cut enemies; they're best friends as well.

"In the comic books, even after they've had this sort of rift, Professor X asks Magneto to come back and look after the students at certain points ... I think there's always that complexity in their relationship and we want to keep that alive as possible, because that's I think a really interesting thing—the conflict there."

Just get a room, you two.


Well, then. Never mind.

(via TotalFilm)

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