Chart ranks the squee-inducing appearances of 79 Chuck guest stars

We'll remember Chuck for many things. Crazy plots, awesome action, a love story that we couldn't stop caring about and plenty of laughs. But Chuck also packed a seemingly endless parade of mind-blowing guest stars that included living legends, sci-fi greats and even those hard-working character actors who seem to pop up everywhere even though you can never remember their names.

As a tribute to Chuck's awesome army of guest stars, we've put together this handy chart of 79 of the biggest names ever to drop by the show, from recurring visitors to brief but enthralling cameos. And as if that weren't enough, we've also ranked them according to just how squee-inducing each appearance was, and just how much badass action each of their characters brought to the party.

Click below to view the chart at a more readable size.


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