5-minute, 64-film supernatural supercut will petrify your brain

Psst! Wanna see something REALLY scary? Uncover your eyes and check out this creepy collection of horror scenes from Hollywood's ghostly past. Everybody needs a good fright now and then, right?

Devilish Youtuber hatinhand elegantly stitched together a five-minute, shrieking salute to the haunted hotels, murderous mirrors, venomous vampires and other demented denizens of the shock trade. His "Horror Portfolio" contains a manic montage of cool images seared into our brains, including atmospheric gems from Constantine, Sleepy Hollow, The Ring, 1408, 30 Days of Night and other upcoming spookshows like Daniel Radcliffe's The Woman in Black.

Douse the lights, check under the bed and enjoy.

Go ahead ... you can handle it.

Which ones will make you wake in clammy sweat? Check out the complete list of films and music here.

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