3 Dark Knight Rises pics show Bane and Batman getting their rage on

The Dark Knight Rises won't be released until July 20, but that doesn't prevent Warner Bros. from tantalizing us with three new photos, knowing full well that we have six months to wait for these scenes to play out.

In the first photo, we see Bane, looking upset. He's standing in what looks like a jail cell. (Bane, whose father was incarcerated, was raised in Pena Dura prison.) In the second, we see Bane and Batman getting their rage on. And in the third, we see Commissioner Gordon with his back against the wall, looking nervous despite the gun in his hand.

We know that Bane is receiving the drug Venom (which featured prominently in the videogame Arkham Asylum) through a system of tubes that lead directly into his brain. Is it our imagination, or does Bane look like he has a facehugger strapped to his mouth?

Check 'em out.

(via EW and Coming Soon)

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