BSG reimagined as a hilarious, somewhat spoilery 16-bit videogame

Remember that very crude, very funny Game of Thrones videogame parody we posted a few months ago? The team who brought you that terrific clip are back, this time with a parody of Battlestar Galactica ("The Good One"). We hope you watch this ... but not at work.

This spoof from College Humor is spot-on: the blocky video, the sound effects and even the music, which is ripped straight from the soundtracks of both the original series and the remake. Best of all, there's even a shout-out to our special dagget friend.

But the one thing it didn't quite get right: The video only mentions four seasons and skips over most of season five.

We wonder if College Humor is trying to tell us something. ...

(via College Humor)

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