Watch a haunting 8-min sci-fi short made from real NASA footage

Just about every mission NASA's ever flown has been committed to film in one way or another, and it all makes for a fascinating chronicle for space enthusiasts. But one Australian filmmaker saw something more than history in the footage. Using 10 hours of film from the NASA archives, he crafted an 8-minute short about a robot floating through space ... 6,000 years in the future.

Titled "Robbie," the film is the last testament of a robot floating through space alone as his batteries die. He's been out there for 6,000 years, and for most of that time he's had no contact with his human creators. But in his youth, he worked with NASA, flying missions and helping to explore space. He misses that time, and the people he used to know, and he wants to tell whoever finds his body later all about it.

The creator of the piece, Australian filmmaker Neil Harvey, pieced the short together over a period of two or three months as an anniversary present for his girlfriend. He combed through hours of NASA footage to get the shots he wanted, and then found his story.

"The film-making process involved downloading about 10 hours of footage from the NASA archives and compiling a list of shots which resonated with me at some level," Harvey said. "I did this over about 2 or 3 months when I had the spare time. From there, I put these selected shots on an editing timeline and watched them back until characters and narratives began developing in my mind. That is when I met Robbie."

Check out the film below:

(Vimeo via FirstShowing)

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