Infographic shows who's winning Marvel vs. DC box office battle

Comic book movies have been lighting up the silver screen for more than 50 years with varying levels of success at the box office. As is the case in print, the friendly rivalry of Marvel vs. DC has carried over to the film world. So who's winning?

Well, it's complicated.

Marvel, riding the recent wave of success from its Avengers flicks and Phase One, does lead in the overall amount of money made. But it's made more movies.

Now, on the flip side, DC may not have made as many films—but the ones it did make edged out the Marvel flicks at the box office, on average.

More than anything, it's interesting to compare some of these properties side by side to see what landed and what missed with the movie-going public.

Not surprisingly, stalwarts like Batman, Superman and Spider-Man have typically done pretty well with the masses.

Check out the graphic below and marvel (get it?) at all the comic book movies of yore (click for a larger image).


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