Lost's J.J. Abrams sold a 'high concept' super-powered show to NBC

Hey, Fringe fans, don't worry—the series may be ending this year, but there will be no shortage of J.J. Abrams series on television next fall.

Abrams (Lost, Fringe, Revolution) is teaming up with filmmaker Alfonso Cuaron (Children of Men, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban) to make a currently untitled series at NBC, which will focus on a young girl with a great power.

Here's the vague, but intriguing, synopsis for what Deadline calls a "high concept" series:

"It is about a girl in possession of a great gift/powers -- which will come into their own in seven years -- and the man who is sprung from prison to protect her from those trying to hunt her down."
Like the recently canceled Alcatraz, which followed a team tracking down a ton of time-jumping criminals, the setup seems like a good start for a several season run with that seven-year timeline built in. But, it'll be up to Abrams and company to make it interesting enough for viewers to stick around past year one.

What do you think of the premise? Could this be Abrams' next hit?

(Via Deadline)

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