Awww! Look what the Star Wars theme does to this shrieking baby

Even Star Wars fans made cynical by the prequels have to admit John Williams' main Star Wars theme is something special. And it's more than just music. Apparently it also has magical baby-calming properties. The Force is strong with this kid.

In the 30-second video below, a crying baby is suddenly soothed by the classic tune playing in his crib. According to the uploaders (who we assumed are the parents), they first discovered the power the song has over the baby (who is 4 months old in the video) one day in the car, when it just happened to play while the kid was crying. Now it seems to be a kind of mystical Jedi remedy around their house any time the baby cries "for no reason." And it works like a mind trick. Check it out.

That's a fan in the making. When he gets a little older and needs a nightlight, just hang a lightsaber from the ceiling.

(Via BuzzFeed)

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