Marvel exec tactfully explains how Avengers and Justice League differ

Marvel struck gold with their Phase One film plan leading into The Avengers, weaving several tentpole films into one massive box office bonanza. Now DC wants to get in on the action with a Justice League flick. So what does Marvel Studios head-honcho Kevin Feige think about DC's approach?

Feige approached the topic diplomatically, and noted there are some differences between Marvel and DC's approach. Marvel has opted for a massive shared universe of films, while DC has kept their properties in separate, standalone continuities. DC is still mum on exactly what they plan to do with Justice League, though the latest rumor is that it could establish its own, separate continuity from potential Superman and Batman franchises. But, who knows.

Here is what Feige told MTV News about the different methods, and how they've tried to make The Avengers universe stand out:

"There's no rule that say you have to do it one way or the other, though I believe that what was unique about Avengers was not that it was a group of superheroes, but a group of superheroes you knew and loved from other [films] all coming together. It wasn't like X-Men, which is inherently a team-based film, or Guardians of the Galaxy, which we're working on right now and is also a team-based film from the start. It was all of these people from other stories coming in and merging for one story. That's what was cool to me about 'Super Friends' when I was a kid and that's why I wanted to do 'Avengers' the way we did it."
What do you think? Do you prefer a shared universe, or standalone films?

(Via MTV)

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