Beauty and the Beast clip reveals Vincent's super-soldier past

The CW has revealed a key piece of Vincent Keller's past. As one of the title characters of Beauty and the Beast, he has a lot to live up to. And it turns out his version of the monster has a vicious history rooted in the military.

Jay Ryan, who plays Vincent/Beast, explains his character's origins in a new featurette. Initially a doctor by trade, he quickly joined the Army following the 9/11 attacks. He traveled to Afghanistan and became the subject of a brutal experiment. He was treated with a serum that turned him into a super-soldier, and changed his life forever.

According to Ryan, it "went awry and these soldiers turned into uncontrollable beasts ... At any point when rage starts to seep into him or his instincts are on guard to protect—the beast starts to transform and he can't control it. It takes over his entire body. It's not a supernatural thing, so it can be cured."

It sounds like they're moving away from fantasy and going for a sci-fi feel. Do you think that will hurt or help the series?

Watch Jay Ryan's interview below.

Beauty and the Beast premieres Oct. 11 on The CW

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