See Godzilla dressed as Santa plus 15 more classic kaiju candids

With Guillermo del Toro's giant monster mash, Pacific Rim, on the horizon, kaiju fever is boiling. Here's a retro gallery of rare publicity shots and behind-the-scenes stills of Godzilla and his atomic-age pals.

The King of all Monsters is not camera-shy in these vintage Toho Studios soundstage images and assorted set snapshots of some krazy kaiju action. We've got a Luau Godzilla, monsters by the pool, creatures on parade, Godzilla painting with schoolkids and even Godzilla napping in a wheelbarrow. There's no rest for the rubber suits.

Now that we're all misty with nostalgia, let's get that Gareth Edward's Godzilla reboot going and save poor Tokyo for all humankind.

(via io9)

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