Star of Avengers short teases role in eventual big-screen sequel

So far, Lizzy Caplan's role at Marvel is small compared to Earth's Mightiest Heroes. She's the star of the Avengers-related short film Item 47, playing a mere mortal who finds herself in an extraordinary situation, but could she be more? Nothing's official, but Caplan seems to be hinting that superheroics may be in her future.

In an interview promoting her new movie Bachelorette, Caplan responded to speculation that her role in the short film (which is included on the Avengers Blu-ray that arrives in stores Sept. 25) would lead to bigger things at Marvel in their future.

"Well, I can definitely foresee Marvel not only asking me to be the star of one of their action movies from that short, but also [asking me] to cast the other people in the movie," she said, then turned to her Bachelorette (and former Party Down) co-star Adam Scott for help in thinking of which character she might play before continuing.

"Adam would be the She-Hulk, and I would just be a regular person!"

So, this is pretty obviously a case of joking around, but could it be a little more? Caplan's got her foot in the door now, and she's definitely got the chops to hang with the rest of the Avengers cast. Could Joss Whedon have plans for her? Only time will tell.

(Via Movieline)

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