Your kid'll wanna sleep with the lights on in bizarre Lost nursery

Wake up, the Smoke Monster is in your room! Just kidding. Here are some super-cool Lostie parents who built their kid a room devoted to their favorite cryptic TV show. Goodnight, Jack. Goodnight, Sayid. Goodnight, Mr. Eko.

Who needs a normal nursery when you can create a semi-creepy Lost shrine for your new baby? This sci-fi slumber chamber comes complete with Dharma Initiative logos, resident polar bear, Lost number string, Sawyer bobblehead doll and soothing Oceanic Flight 815 mobile to promote some sweet island dreams. We're so glad Jacob or Ben is not lurking in the corner.

Check out the time-lapse video below to watch the superfans install the sleeping station.

(via Buzz Feed)

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