Massive infographic reveals which Marvel heroes are most popular

We all know The Avengers brought Marvel's finest to a new level of cultural relevance, but want to know which one is most popular? How about the coolest of the X-Men, based on scientific data? Well, now we know.

A massive, detail-filled infographic via Networked Insights breaks down all these questions and more, by crunching social web data to see how and why different Marvel characters are trending.

It's actually pretty cool, and even lists the top 10 villains and cosmic characters. Plus, we can see what percentage of fans are excited about the upcoming Ant-Man flick (not a ton), and that lots of people want to know what the heck Thanos will be doing in Avengers 2 (so do we).

So the most popular Avenger? That'd be the Hulk, followed by Thor. And X-Men? No shocker there: Wolverine, with Magneto close behind.

Check out the infographic below (click for larger version), and let us know if you agree with the findings:



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