McFarlane's Amazing Spider-Man cover sets record for original comic art

Hear that crazy crumbling noise? It's the sound of another world record being broken for a single piece of comic art. The winning bid for this iconic Spidey cover was over $600K, so don't give up on those art classes just yet. Head in for the ultra-auction scoop ...

Comic wunder-artist, toy wizard and baseball fanatic Todd McFarlane is already legendary in the geek omniverse, and, love him or not, the dude can draw. Obviously some arachnid-loving, deep-pocketed collector thought so too when the gavel struck yesterday at Heritage's Signature® Comics and Comic Art Auction in Beverly Hills to the tune of $657,250! This final stratospheric bid shattered the old record for comic art and was the second monster sum pulled in by a comic auction this month, with a 9.8 graded copy of X-Men #1 selling for $492,937, also by Hertitage. Behold Todd's big-buck beauty ...


This intricately webbed pen-and-ink cover illustration was created for 1990's The Amazing Spider-Man #328 and is twice the size of a normal comic cover. It was created during McFarlane's pre-Image days before Spawn and shows off the prolific pencils of one of comics' young superstars before he paid mega-cash for Mark McGwire's 70th home-run ball.

Lessons learned? Comics are hot, and don't take steroids.

(via Boing Boing)

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