Wreck-It Ralph reveals the secret life of videogame characters

This November, Disney's unleashing a non-Pixar toon that finds a videogame villain looking to stretch his legs—and in the process, revealing the secret world that exists behind the controllers.

Not that seeing a movie about a videogame antagonist who's tired of being a bad guy and goes on the lam wouldn't be entertaining, but—just as part of what made Toy Story so resonant was that Pixar got to use Barbie, Mr. Potato Head, Etch-A-Sketch and other immediately recognizable characters—the fact that Wreck-It Ralph taps games like Street Fighter and Pac-Man makes it just a bit more meta-awesome.

And the voice cast—which includes John C. Reilly, Sarah Silverman, Jane Lynch and Jack McBrayer—doesn't hurt, either.

Wreck-It Ralph opens on Nov. 2, 2012: Is it on your Holiday watch list?

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