James Cameron promises his Battle Angel project ain't dead yet

Ever since we heard over the weekend that James Cameron is super dedicated to the Avatar franchise, we've been wondering what's to become of his long-awaited big-screen adaptation of Battle Angel Alita. Is the project doomed? Cameron himself has just weighed in, and he says no way.

Over the weekend Cameron declared to the New York Times that he's in "in the Avatar business. Period." He elaborated that he's got no plans to pick up any new scripts or produce any new flicks from other filmmakers. Apart from documentaries, deep-sea exploration and asteroid mining, he sounded devoted to nothing else but two (maybe three) more visits to Pandora.

Naturally, fans who've been eagerly awaiting Cameron's interpretation of the popular manga were a bit anxious about this news. Would Battle Angel ever get made? If not Cameron, who else could make it? Luckily, one of those nervous fans was Ain't It Cool News' Harry Knowles, who got in touch with Cameron to get the truth. Here's Cameron's very brief but very clear response:

"No. I still love that project. But Battle Angel is not going to happen for a few years."

So it seems Cameron's still true to his claim that he's tackling Battle Angel as soon as the Avatar series is done. All together now: BIG sigh of relief. Of course, he could just keep adding films to the Avatar series and doom the project in the end anyway, but for now he's promising we will indeed see it ... eventually.

(Via AICN)

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