7 leaked pics from failed Star Wars game reveal frozen Hoth tundra

Some long-lost images from the canceled Star Wars: Battlefront videogame sequel have surfaced, showing off a breathtaking Hoth tundra that could have been.

The crafty folks over at Beta Games have dug into the code of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City and stumbled upon some interesting leftovers from a former Slant Six Games project.

A handful of development images from an aborted sequel to the Star Wars: Battlefront videogame franchise were buried in the code. They show off an epic Hoth battle that could have been.

The game has been stuck in development hell for years, and it's unknown if the images were left over from a canned demo or just tossed in by the developers as an easter egg to see whether anyone would find them.

Sound off: Do you wish this game had seen the light of day?

(GameRant via Beta Games)

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