Watch a touching robot resurrection in eerie game teaser for Reset

Think you're cold-hearted? Seldom shed a tear? Well, check out a brilliant sci-fi trailer for Theory Interactive's Reset and just try to contain your android empathy. Tissue?

The hypnotic in-game images of Reset's teaser are designed with a stunning new graphics engine called Praxis and contains no added effects, CGI or motion-capture performances. Results are pretty amazing, with crisp, liquid detail and contrast that put most superstar game cinematics to shame. Have a look ...

Whoa! The story for the game, created by the artistic team of Alpo Oksaharju and Mikko Kallinen, is being kept shrouded in mystery but is said to be a single-player, time-traveling puzzle game where mood, atmosphere and exploration of a futuristic metropolis are key.

No word on any release date yet, but somebody please give that robot a human hug?

Via Nerd Reactor

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