Joss Whedon messes with our heads in new Cabin in the Woods trailer

There is a nasty-dark-awesome secret at the heart of Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard's Cabin in the Woods, a film that seems to be subverting the very horror tropes that we've come to love over the past 50 years. And with each new peek we learn a little something more about that secret.

We knew that Cabin took place, well, in a cabin in the woods. And we knew that Thor was staying there with a bunch of his friends, one of whom was the quirky dude from Dollhouse. And we knew that there was something around that cabin, given how that bird disintegrated in mid-flight when it hit some sort of grid.

And now we know a little more.

Somewhere there's a control room, from which the events at the cabin are orchestrated. And it might be at the bottom of an elevator shaft. The suspense is killing me ... I hope it lasts.

The Drew Goddard-directed Cabin in the Woods opens on April 13, which cannot come fast enough.

(via Coming Soon)

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