McKellen's X-Men return not a done deal for Days of Future Past

Director Bryan Singer let the cat out of the bag recently by telling fans former X-Men stars Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen would be back for the upcoming Days of Future Past flick. All they need now is, you know, a contract and a script.

Following news from Patrick Stewart (Professor Xavier) that he has yet to officially sign on for the time-traveling sequel, Ian McKellen (Magneto) has opened up and said he is also not officially attached to the film at the moment.

He told MTV:

"I have to say I haven't signed a contract, nor have I read a script. But when Bryan Singer calls, on the whole, I follow."
So, hey Bryan, get these guys some contracts. Fast, please.

Despite the lack of official word, it's still pretty likely that both stars will eventually sign on for the First Class sequel—especially considering that First Class is built around the relationship between Xavier and Magneto. That'd be a hard trick to pull off without both versions of that character.

He also hinted that Singer might have a few tricks up his sleeve in regard to the story, which is based on the acclaimed comic run from the 1980s about the X-Men trying to prevent a disastrous future. Apparently McKellen believes the script will take at least some liberties with the comic canon, combining both flashbacks (and -forwards) with some real time-travel interaction.

What do you think? Assuming McKellen and Stewart return, what type of role will they play?

(Via MTV)

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