See (and buy) concept art from Firefly and other Whedon projects

If the name Shawna Trpcic sounds familiar, it's because she's been responsible for much of the character and costume design for a guy you've definitely heard of—Joss Whedon. Trpcic has posted a bunch of original concept art for Firefly, Cabin in the Woods, Angel and lots more—and we've got a sampling for you to check out.

Trpcic recently decided it was time to give collectors a crack at her backlog of work. That's why she's started (and will be continuing) to post original pieces of art on eBay. And there's some pretty slick stuff to check out.

There's all measure of cool stuff in this collection so far, from original character designs for Jayne and Shepherd Book to a drawing of Joss Whedon dressed as the Firefly character Badger. Did you know Joss was originally going to play that part before they decided to cast the brilliant Mark Sheppard?

Check out the gallery, see if maybe any of it is worth adding to your own collection, and don't forget that there will be more swag getting released as the month goes on.

(via Whedonesque)

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