See deleted Walking Dead S2 scene featuring zombie feeding frenzy

In just a few months, AMC's The Walking Dead will be back on TV. But if you can't wait it out, the second-season DVD will have to do. Before the gang returns for round three, you can relive the previous episodes, including some never-before-seen footage.

The first season of The Walking Dead ended with a bang—literally. The CDC went boom, and Rick and company barely made it out alive. So when season two came around, the plan was to pick up right where the finale left off.

According to EW, there was a sequence where "Shane's car breaks down just a few blocks away from the explosion, leaving him isolated from the group and having to fight off and outrun an army of the undead before finally being rescued by the group in the RV." But when they escape, they hit even more zombie trouble, which you'll see below.

It feels good to see Dale and pre-crazy Shane together again. It's also great to watch Rick take control of the situation.

The Walking Dead: The Complete Second Season DVD and Blu-ray goes on sale Aug. 28.

(via EW)

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