The Batman in that Justice League movie might not be Bruce Wayne

The Justice League movie would be Warner Bros.' first attempt to create a consistent DC universe within the comic-book giant's film franchises. It only makes sense that Batman would be a part of that. What makes less sense is a Batman who is NOT Bruce Wayne—but that may be exactly what we'll get.

First, some very important backstory. Zack Snyder's Man of Steel has had a big question mark above it, and the question is "Will this Superman movie be a part of the larger narrative building toward a Justice League movie?" In the past, the answer has been a firm no, but over the weekend Snyder seemed to indicate that Man of Steel would put Supes on track to be in Justice League.

With that in mind, it is being reported that Joseph Gordon-Levitt has already been cast to play Batman. That's right—the man who played the would-be successor to Bruce Wayne in Dark Knight Rises seems set to play the Dark Knight proper. And with the announcement coming so soon, is it possible that Gordon-Levitt will even appear in Man of Steel?

With Dark Knight Rises coming to DVD and Blu-ray imminently, we won't spoil the entire ending of the film, but suffice it to say that Gordon-Levitt does not play Bruce Wayne in it, but does play a crucial role that makes it seem as though, if he is playing Batman in Justice League, he won't be doing it as Bruce Wayne.

Which brings us to the following question—has Warner Bros. had a collective loss of sanity? While we've seen non-Bruce-Wayne players put on the classic cape and cowl, it has never lasted very long. Why? Because Bruce Wayne is Batman!

Or are we wrong? What do you think?

(via Bleeding Cool)

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