Carrie Fisher responds to all those rumors about her and Star Wars VII

Is she or isn't she? Carrie Fisher has officially issued a response to all the reports of her returning as Princess Leia in Star Wars VII.

It was just nine days ago that the gossip hounds at TMZ caught up with Fisher and asked her point blank whether she was willing to come back for Star Wars VII. Her answer at the time was "Yes, sure ... wouldn't you?" That didn't sound like a total confirmation—but then she said it a second time.

According to, while doing a book signing on Thursday (Nov. 15) in Cherry Hill, N.J., Fisher was asked by a fan if she would be showing up in the movie, to which she replied, "Yes ... I thought it was already common knowledge."

Now, however, a rep for the actress has told EW that Fisher was only joking about her involvement at this point, saying, "She hasn't confirmed anything. Everything you've seen has been tongue-in-cheek."

So what this means is that the folks breathlessly reporting this news were either severely humor-challenged or so excited about the idea of Leia returning that they could not discern that Fisher was pulling their legs.

On the other hand, we know that Disney has expressed interest in having Leia, Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) and Han Solo (Harrison Ford) make some sort of appearance in the new movie, and all three actors, including Hamill and even Ford, have acknowledged that they're up for it. But for now, no one is confirming anything.

Let's all go outside and get some fresh air, shall we?

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