Terra Nova producers 'guardedly optimistic' about 2nd season

If Terra Nova executive producers Brannon Braga and Rene Echevarria's hopes turn into reality, you'll be seeing a second season of the dinosaur-filled adventure next fall. The producers are in early talks with Fox about a possible second season, but no decisions have been made on the expensive series yet.

"We're guardedly optimistic," Echevarria told the The Hollywood Reporter. "We're hoping for good news any day. There are a lot of factors in play and a lot of things for the network to consider. We know we have a lot of people there who like the show, and we have a core audience that seems to like what we're doing."

Considering the ratings for the high-profile, Steven Spielberg-produced series have been less than Fox might have hoped for—with an average of 7.8 million total viewers and 2.6 in the 18-49 demo—there's been speculation that the production might move from Australia to Hawaii to lower costs. Not so, say the executive producers, who have no plans to leave Australia.

"That's not part of the conversation right now. You hear a lot of 'It's a really expensive show.' It's not an inexpensive show, but it's not most expensive show on television by a long shot," said Echevarria.

When it comes to tonight's two-hour season finale, which premieres at 8 p.m. on Fox, Echevarria promises it will be "bigger than the pilot, in a way." The executive producers tease that a major character will bite the dust, the story will revisit 2149, and there won't be a standard cliffhanger.

"We promised ourselves and the audience that we'd tell a complete story this season, and we do tell a complete story. Having said that, there are some new, startling mysteries and aspects are uncovered about Terra Nova," said Braga.

According to Echevarria, "a few doors are closed, and few new doors are opened," and "some tantalizing new things occur."

The executive producers say that those "tantalizing new things" will be fleshed out in a second season, if they get one, but they are just at the beginning stages of where that new season might go.

"We don't have it all mapped out, but we have pitched a take on season two to the network, and that's part of the decision-making process for them," said Echevarria. "It's a creative conversation with them. It was an opening conversation. It went well, but they have some thoughts of their own, and we're eager to get in there and work it out and come up with a great season two."

Here's a look at tonight's episode:

Would you like to see a second season for Terra Nova?

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