Our video gift guide to 13 ridiculously expensive replica props

If your friends have been really good to you this year, now that it's holiday gift-giving time, maybe you should be really good to them right back ... in a BIG way. For those extra-special friends, we've found 13 of the awesomest and most ridiculously expensive replica props in the universe.

Let Blastr's Andrea Feczko give you a video tour of such treasures as full-scale replicas of Raiders of the Lost Ark's Ark of the Covenant, Forbidden Planet's Robby the Robot and much more.

Check it out!

And now that you've looked them all over, and have checked your shopping list to see which of your friends are lucky enough to deserve these pricey items, here's where you'll be able to find them:

Jupiter 2 Replica: $1,499.99

Robby the Robot Replica: $16,999

Iron Man Mark III Legendary Scale Replica: $1949.99

Ark of the Covenant Full Scale Replica: $4,000

Star Trek Original Series Captian's Chair Replica: $5,499.99

Star Trek (2009) Enterprise Artisan Replica: $4,995.00

Vulcan Lute: $2,009.99

Minority Report Dimensia Car Body: $6,500

Serenity Big Damn Replica Studio Scale replica: $2,495

Clark Kent's Leather Superman Shield Jacket: $2,150

Nikes from Back to the Future: $5,000+

Blade Runner Blaster: 84,000 JPY - $1,104

Tesla Artisan Hero Prop: $1,195.00

(And a tip of the Blastr space helmet to QMX, Moebius and Sideshow Collectibles for lending us some of their cool props so we could share them with you in the video.)

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