New Who trailer has us believing this'll be the best. Xmas. Ever.

We're exactly 12 days away from Christmas (not that we're counting), and to make the wait a tiny bit more tolerable for us Doctor Who fans, the BBC has released an exciting new trailer for its upcoming Xmas special, "The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe."

In this new trailer, we're told that it'll be the Best. Christmas. Ever. Hooray! And with World War II planes, an exploding spaceship and a mysterious big blue box that's NOT the TARDIS with a big white bow under a huge Christmas tree that leads you to a Narnia-esque land and a dangerous forest, what else can it possibly be?

Seriously, only on Doctor Who are we ever gonna hear that we're "In a forest, in a box, in a sitting room" from the lips of a centuries-old Time Lord (Matt Smith).

Have a look!

So are you as excited as we are about the Xmas special?

Doctor Who "The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrode" airs this Christmas Day on BBC One, BBC America and Space.

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