Check out Blastr's holiday video guide to 9 geeky girl gifts

Whether you've got a geeky girlfriend or a geeky girl friend (there IS a difference, you know), she'll want you to step up to the plate when it comes to her holiday gift and wrap up something that celebrates her sci-fi side. And one of these 9 geeky girl gifts is definitely the way to go this season.

Blastr's Andrea Feczko—with an assist from Margaux McDonnell and her Admiral Sackbar puppet—gives a guided tour of gifts that will celebrate your friend's love for Buffy, Star Wars, Star Trek and more.

And now that you're looked them all over, here's where you can find each awesome geek gift.

Buffy: We Can Slay It T shirt

Smallville: Lana Lang Kryptonite Necklace

Game of Thrones House Sigils Bracelet

Spock Robe

Cthulhu Slippers

Boba Fett underwear set

Harry Potter Throw Pillow

Star Trek: Feeding System for Geeky Moms

Star Wars Craft Book

So start shopping!

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