12 insanely cute pics of embroidered (really) heroes and villains

When you mix a painstaking hobby (like needlework) with some serious geekery (like comic book characters), you learn one important fact: Everything is better in cross-stitch. Even the X-Men. And they were pretty awesome to begin with.

But Etsy goddess WeeLittleStitches, aka Jacqueline from Ontario, didn't just cross-stitch the characters as seen in the comic books. Oh, no. She also rendered the characters in 8-bit form. So you're not just going to see a gallery of cross-stitched comic book characters ... you're going to 8-bit cross-stitched comic book characters.

How can this be any more geek-tastic? Only if they were done as 8-bit, cross-stitched alternate future version comic book characters.

(via WhatNotArt)

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