Rumor of the Day: DiCaprio and Singer remaking 6 Million Dollar Man

Universal has been trying to reboot The Six Million Dollar Man for years: Kevin Smith wrote a screenplay, stars like Chris Rock and Jim Carrey have been attached to comedy versions of it—but rumor has it that a pair of Hollywood heavy hitters will bring the bionic man back from the dead.

A site called Latino Review is reporting that Singer is looking to follow up Jack the Giant Killer with an adaptation of Cyborg, the 1972 Martin Caidan novel that originally inspired the Six Million Dollar Man TV series, and he's already had meetings with DiCaprio about taking the lead role in the newly titled Six Billion Dollar Man.

Is there any truth in this? Who knows? The rights to The Six Million Dollar Man have been tangled for a while, with both Universal and The Weinstein Co. having chunks of them. If the two companies have worked out their issues—for the sake of making metric tons of cash—then it could be a distinct possibility. And Singer does have a fondness for '70s sci-fi TV shows, hence his insistence on making a Battlestar Galactica movie.

But I'd take this with a Volkswagen-sized grain of salt.

(via Bleeding Cool)

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