Emmerich's Singularity shut down because it's not good enough

The Independence Day and 2012 director has been developing a big-budget sci-fi thriller as his next movie—but Sony put on the brakes and asked him to make it better before spending any more money on it.

Emmerich was ready to start screen-testing actors like Ben Barnes, Luke Grimes, Logan Marshall Green and Thomas McDonnell for the lead when Sony balked and asked Emmerich and co-writer Harald Klaser to do some more work on the screenplay. Emmerich has retained the services of futurist and author Raymond Kurzweil—the father of the "singularity" concept, the creation of smarter-than-human intelligence—to help with the revisions.

Here's the plot, according to Variety:

Set 50 years in the future, story follows a famous nanotechnology pioneer who uses a dangerous new procedure to save his badly-injured son, Adam, whose consciousness is transferred into a swarm of nanobots that take his physical form, giving him all sorts of powers. Protagonist ends up on the run from an evil corporation that developed the technology.

Sony brass insists that this development doesn't signify the death of Singularity—just that they realize that spending $175 million on a half-baked film might not be the smartest thing.

Go figure.

(via Variety)

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