Real-life superhero gets fired after secret identity is revealed

Superheroes might be the most popular genre in comics, but that doesn't mean everybody wants a spandex-wearing would-be hero traipsing around their neighborhood. That seems to have become the case with Seattle's real life caped crusader, Phoenix Jones.

Phoenix, who was respected by many for protecting the Seattle city streets from drug dealers and car thefts, came under fire when he got into a confrontation with some clubbers. Though video footage showed he was attempting to stop a serious fight rather than start one, he was brought in on assault charges.

Phoenix ultimately decided to reveal his identity as Ben Fodor, a teacher of disabled and autistic children. He decided to continue as Phoenix Jones despite the charges in the hopes that people would take to the streets with him.

Now we've learned that this story has taken a sad turn, as Ben Fodor has been fired from his job of five years. Not only that, he's recieved notice from the State Department of Social and Health Services that he's banned from working with children or vulnerable adults as well.

Was it worth it? Fodor took a huge risk in taking on the persona of a costumed crime fighter and he's paid a high price for it. It's hard to say what good, in the long run, a real-life vigilante like Phoenix Jones can accomplish. In the process of trying to help people, it's just as easy to do harm.

What do you think? Should Phoenix Jones keep fighting the good fight or is it time to hang it up and try and find a new gig?

(via Bleeding Cool)

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