Dizzying infographic unravels the Doctor and River's relationship

The Doctor and River Song have what we can only describe as a complicated long-distance relationship: "complicated" because they're never in the same timeline together, and "long-distance" because they've each traveled the universe.

But thanks to this Infographic, Doctor Who viewers now have a handy cheat sheet to track the happy-go-lucky couple.

(Spoilers for anyone who hasn't seen the last season.)

This infographic, entitled "Meeting in the Wrong Order," shows the sequence of events in both the Doctor and River's lives, as well as each time we've seen them meet on screen. And ya know what? It's still a complex series of times and places. But it's great fun to read and compare the two points of view.

Our hats (or rather, our fezzes) are off to the writers, who manage to keep the Doctor and River's relationship still crazy after all these years.


(via BBCAmerica)

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