Matt Smith says he's not done traveling as the 11th Doctor yet

Last week we encountered the troubling rumor that Matt Smith might make next year his final season on Doctor Who. Now Smith is reassuring fans that he's not hanging up his sonic screwdriver and bowtie anytime soon.

The rumor got rolling when Smith told an interviewer that he'd love to come see what Los Angeles was all about, but he had another year of Doctor Who first. The implication was that he only had another year left, and after that he was set to hit America.
But based on a new interview promoting the Doctor Who series six DVD set, Smith just wanted to visit. Where the Doctor is concerned, he's in it for the long haul.
"We work very long hours every day for nine months. The schedule is pretty brutal, but I'd never complain about it. I love playing this role, and I don't want to give it up anytime soon," he said.
"I feel very lucky. In the current climate for actors, I'd never say, 'This is too much'—quite the opposite, in fact. I'd say, 'Bring it on'."
So there you have it. While he'll eventually pass the mantle on to another Time Lord, Matt Smith isn't giving up his key to the TARDIS anytime soon.
(Via Doctor Who TV)

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