Leonard Nimoy has gone to his last Star Trek convention

Leonard Nimoy will, we hope, live long and prosper. But wherever the heck he does that living and prospering, it won't be at a Star Trek convention. Because he just attended his final con.

The 80-year-old actor's last visit was to a Creation convention in Rosemont, Illinois, where he talked for an hour and thanked fans for their years of support.

During his presentation, Nimoy told the story of his life, including how when he was a cabdriver, he once received career advice from Senator John F. Kennedy (which we told you about last year).

When he departed, Nimoy signed autographs and asked that a cake which had been prepared for him be shared with the fans in the sold-out room. (We don't know bout you, but if we'd managed to snag a slice, we'd have saved it as a souvenir rather than eating it!)

Creation Entertainment CEO Adam Malin, who has worked with Nimoy at Star Trek cons for nearly three decades, said that Nimoy "will be missed."

Yes. He will.

(via msnbc and trekmovie)

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