Trailer for white Luke Cage movie will make you wince AND laugh

What happens when a pair of Caucasian filmmakers get their hands on the rights to Marvel's most prominent black character? A hilarious blast of illuminating awesomeness.

Unlike Spider-Man—who, as Marvel is attempting to prove, is a character that's defined by his circumstances and not his race—Luke Cage (also known as Power Man) was created to capitalize on the Black Power/Avenging Disco Godfather-esque blaxploitation movement of the '70s, and he is very much a "black" character. So the idea of a skinny white dude playing Cage is both ridiculous and fabulous and brilliant.

Here's a handy test to see if race is a crucial element to a character's makeup: Have a person of another race read the dialogue. If it sounds like an uncomfortable parody of itself ... bingo.

(via Topless Robot)

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