Flat out of Star Wars toys? This dad made some with cardboard

We all have some old cardboard lying around the house (probably saving it up for the next time we have to move), but some of us are more creative with it than others. Take nerd crafter Matheson Harris, who used his to build these incredibly detailed Star Wars ships.

Harris posted a couple of photos of his creations—including a star destroyer, a Millenium Falcon, a TIE fighter, an X-wing, an AT-AT and an AT-ST—to his Flickr page back in February, and the pics have gone viral thanks to their attention to detail and (perhaps) the simple explanation for how they were created:

"Hot glue, cardboard, sharpie, a few sucker sticks and ping pong balls = garbage armada."


It's amazing what a little boredom and a lot of ingenuity can do when the Force is with you. Hopefully somewhere right now there's a dedicated nerd crafter building a cardboard super star destroyer the size of a swimming pool.

(Via Nerd Approved)

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