Are you ready for Xmas? Doctor Who is in 10 spoilery set pics

We're two episodes short of Doctor Who's season-six finale, but that doesn't mean the time-traveling fun will end there. Because the Who cast and crew are, as we speak, filming the yearly traditional Christmas special, and we've got some cool filming pics to show you. SPOILERS ahead!

In the first batch of very Xmassy pics snapped by vickycymru, you can see that our good Doctor (Matt Smith) is paying a visit to Amy (Karen Gillan) and Rory (Arthur Darville), meaning our favorite time-traveling couple, the Ponds, are definitely still not out of the Doctor's life: We know they'll be back for the finale ''The Wedding of River Song,'' and we'll also occasionally see them during season seven, too.

In the next batch of pics we have a mysterious lady in period clothing played by Outnumbered actress Claire Skinner. We have no information on who the character is yet, or what role she'll play in the Christmas special.

Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat recently said of this year's Christmas episode to SFX that:

"It will be as Christmassy as Hell. I might be cleverly redeploying a known Christmas story again, sort of ... but probably not the one you think! It will be massively Christmassy and moving and sentimental and sweet. It'll be set partly on Earth, but not completely. And it might have a period setting ..."

Period setting? Looks like it, so check! Christmassy as hell? Yep, that too, so check! again.

What do you think of the pics? And do you guys have any idea what known Christmas story Moffat could be referring to? If you recall, last year Moffat based his Doctor Who Xmas episode on Charles Dickens' classic A Christmas Carol. How can this year be even more Christmassy than that?

(via Wales Online and Doctor Who TV)

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