Dana Scully believes X-Files 3 feature may materialize in 2012

The truth is out there—but does anyone truly care? Actress Gillian Anderson claims a new X-Files movie is on the horizon. But are there enough hardcore conspiracy fanatics left of the spooky series to justify a third outing?

In a recent interview with Australian television personality Kylie Speer, Agent Scully herself revealed classified info on the project's preproduction status during a taping of the Aussie breakfast show Sunrise, even giving it a release date sometime next year.

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Back in January, David Duchovny updated the faithful on the movie's progress, saying that there was no deal yet but that it was something he would do in a second and that he felt Chris Carter and Gillian Anderson would be interested. He added that it was simply a matter of generating interest at Fox and getting a suitable script together, preferably one that returned the mythology to its roots.

The first X-Files film hit theaters in 1998 with the subtitle Fight the Future. Directed by series creator Chris Carter, the script expanded the convoluted themes of alien colonization and governmental cover-ups heavily propagated on television.

The sequel, The X-Files: I Want To Believe, limped into multiplexes 10 years later after difficulty generating the sort of rampant enthusiasm the first film conjured up. Its stand-alone monster-movie premise failed to ignite much interest, and, with a weak box-office haul of only $21 million, it hardly inspires delirious enthusiasm for an upcoming threequel. Has the dynamic FBI pair's special time come and gone?

Many followers loyal to the original franchise have switched their allegiances to other prestige sci-fi fantasy series and programs, such as True Blood, Fringe and Doctor Who. But never underestimate the charismatic allure of Mulder and Scully in another paranormal escapade, even in the face of a four-year hiatus.

Surely if Carter comes on board with a killer script infused with the gleeful craziness and dark chemistry of the revolutionary series, this could spark the start of a new renaissance for the old gang.

Who can you trust? The time may be ripe for X-Files' triumphant return. After all, everyone loves a comeback.

So tell us. Are you panting with anticipation or nodding off into oblivion?

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