CONFIRMED: Doctor Who season 7 pushed back to autumn 2012

The trouble with Time Lords is they're always jumping around the calendar, but we probably can't blame the Doctor for this. We've seen it coming for a while, and now it's confirmed: Doctor Who season seven won't premiere until autumn 2012.

Doctor Who Magazine has confirmed what's been suspected for quite some time about the Doctor's next set of timey-wimey adventures. There's no clear-cut schedule from the BBC yet, but it's clear that Doctor Who won't be returning for a good long while. Season seven won't even begin shooting until early next year, so everything is still very murky in terms of details, but fan site Doctor Who TV offered this schedule prediction:

Easter Special
Autumn - Series 7 Part 1
Christmas Special

Spring - Series 7 Part 2
Autumn - Series 8
Christmas Special

So, that's a little glimpse in the spring followed by a handful of episodes, one special, and then another handful of episodes. Those are just predictions, but it seems likely that the BBC's official schedule will look something like that. It's a bummer, but it could be worse.

(via Doctor Who TV)

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