Bizarre Final Destination 5/Saved by the Bell viral video mashup

Ever wished you could inflict heinous torture on the annoying student body of Saved by the Bell's Bayside High? Dream of bludgeoning Screech, Slater or Kelly with a medieval arsenal? Someone beat you to it ... literally.

Death has come to haunt those color-splashed hallways in a goofy viral video mashup titled "New Romance" that brings together the Bayside gang with the sunny vibe of Glee and crazy corpse count of Final Destination ... with songs.

The '90s were a nightmarish decade enough without some unseen reaper in the classroom, and this short film delights in its murderous rampage ... maybe a little too much. Final Destination 5 star Miles Fisher created this bizarre and bloody musical romp back in time (which was financed by Warner Bros. to help promote the upcoming release of FD5), and as you'll see, he truly relishes his work.

Were we really all seriously color blind? Or just bored?

Let the bodies hit the floor!


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