Surf's up in hilarious fake trailer, 'Alien Beach Crashers'

From the people who brought you The Guild and a zombie-filled holiday comes a beach party with big waves, hot babes and laser beams!

Previously, a multimedia group by the name of Team Unicorn FTW taught us how to survive a zombie attack in "A Very Zombie Holiday," a pseudo-infomercial staged as a late-1950s dinner party. Now Team Unicorn has brought us "Alien Beach Crashers," a fake trailer for a 1960s monster-movie-meets-beach-party film.

As with "A Very Zombie Holiday," we see a typical party crashed by some very unwanted visitors. But "Alien Beach Crashers" is better in one respect: it has totally tubular tunes!

We wonder if anyone at Team Unicorn has seen Alien Beach Party Massacre.

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