Stargate's Dean Devlin: It's time to 'tell the rest of that story'

It's been nearly two decades since the original Stargate film came to theaters, and since then, we've watched the concept grow into a series and several spin-offs. But we've wondered what would happen if more FILMS had been made. After all this time, are we finally going to get our answer?

In a recent interview, writer-producer Dean Devlin was asked what could have been with the Stargate film franchise.

According to Devlin, "The irony is that we wrote it as a trilogy of movies, but we were never able to do parts two and three. Our hope is that, now that the series is starting to wind down that maybe it'll be time to do parts two and three. So we're hopeful we'll get to come back and tell the rest of that story."

Will the same actors from the movie be used? "Yes, absolutely." Devlin went on to admit that the story would have to be changed to incorporate all the time that's passed since the original film. As for what the two sequels might entail, Devlin said, "We wanted to explore how the Stargates were built originally and where else in the universe they exist, why they exist, and where else they exist on Earth."

Check out Collider's full interview below.

What do you think? After all this time and one of the longest running science fiction series in history—is there still room for Stargate movies?

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