Schoolgirl's stolen TARDIS restored thanks to Internet

We love Doctor Who's police-box-shaped time machine, the TARDIS, and we're not alone. Teenager Kaitlyn Iadevaia and her father Tom built one together so she could use it as a shelter while waiting for the school bus. You know who else loves the TARDIS? The thieves who stole it ... and the fans who replaced it.

We've two videos about the incident, below. The first is about the loss of the TARDIS, and the second is about the TARDIS restoration project.

But to sum it up, when the Iadevaias put out a "missing" poster for her police box, Anthony Pego, an artist and carpenter, got wind of it and reached out to Reddit. With the coordination of a hive mind, three dozen people donated their time, money and labor to build a TARDIS. They even delivered it to her home in Little Axe, Okla., this weekend.

The Iadevaias are taking precautions with the TARDIS Mark II: They have it chained to a nearby tree.

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